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If your plan is to travel Africa, find all the information you need to do your research and find the best things to see and do, accommodation, tours and safaris to fit your budget and expectations. The links you follow on our site will help you to plan your holiday travel whether you are looking to taking an adventure safari or a leisurely holiday.

Things to See

Africa is a continent with awesome diversity and beauty. From incredible wildlife to welcoming and hospitable people, Africa is a continent like no one else. There is much to see in Africa. Check out our “things to see” pages for the listings of the attractions to see.

Top Things to Do

Africa has a wonderful choice of things to do! Whether you are looking to soft adventures or active holidays there are Big trips that await you!  Whatever is your fancy we are here to assist you to plan your ideal trip.  View the many different travel options on this site. After you have done your research you can use the links on each page to go directly to the different service providers to book your holiday.

Traveling Africa

Africa Travels brings to you all the travel information on holiday, places to visit, accommodation, tours, attractions & activities for your Holiday in Africa. There are many more ways to travel Africa than simply taking a safari in Africa’s renowned national parks. There are various tours including mountain trekking, nature walks, primates watching, birding, and more. For those who need a leisurely holiday, there are lots of amazing beaches where you can relax! For the adventurous, reach out to the local communities and learn about the native culture, participate in adventure trips, enjoy the magnificent natural wonders and more.